You can use broadcasts to send one-time messages like announcements and promotions that show up in your users' notification centers

Sending a broadcast

First you'll need to create a template for your broadcast message.

Create a Template

You can use templates to define what should be sent to your customers or users upon certain events happening in your application. Templates can include data from your application using merge tags as well as emojis.
  • Go to the templates tab and click the New Template button
  • Give your template a name and fill out the message body. You can use merge tags by using the {{tag_name}} notation. You can also use the emoji selector in the top right of the message body box.


You can optionally add buttons and links to your notifications to make them actionable. Links can be URLs that take your users to a specific page in your app and can also use variables similar to the ones in the message body.

Test data / Preview

  • Use the Test Data and preview section to preview what your notification will look like with some test data. When you’re ready click Save.

Create a broadcast

  • Go to the Broadcasts tab and click the New Broadcast notification button
  • Give the Broadcast a name and description. Then you can click “+Add Template” to assign the template you created in the step before to this Broadcast.
  • Finally, at the bottom you can put in a comma separated list of subscriber IDs of the users that you want to receive this broadcast.
If you need to send custom data for your template, or if you'd prefer to use an API for sending the broadcast, see our API docs
  • To send the broadcast, just click the "Send Broadcast" button. It will then take you to the Event Stream page where you can see the notifications being sent.
  • You can also go to the dashboard to see the results and engagement with your broadcast notifications.